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Below, you can find a number of common questions that our customers ask us. Our FAQs have been split into two sections – General and Parking.

If you can’t find an answer to your question please contact us through one of the channels listed below the FAQs.


Why do prices at motorway service areas sometimes seem so high?

We operate in a very different environment to most other retailers and once you see the costs of providing the facilities and services, the prices soon start to make sense. Despite the high cost of supplying these services, our commitment is to give our customers value for money at all times.

Here are some examples of what affects our prices:

Expensive to build

In addition to the buildings, we also have to build roads, car parks, street lighting etc. – an average site costs £25 million to build.

Expensive to operate

We are open 24 hours a day and 365 days a year and for around half of that time we have to pay to be open (employee wages, power etc) when we are taking very little money and customers can use car parks, picnic areas, showers, washrooms etc. all for free.

We can’t advertise on the motorway

Regulations mean that we can’t advertise on the motorway, so we have to rely on people simply turning in which affects how much business we get.


Do you have a map I can download and keep in my car?

Yes, we have a PDF map showing all our locations.

Download Moto locations map

Where can I find out more information regarding Travelodge at Moto?

You can find out more information and contact Travelodge via their website.

Where can I find allergen information about food served at Moto?

At Moto we take our allergen and nutritional responsibilities seriously, you can find information on our Allergens and Nutrition page.

Can I pay for fuel from the car?

Yes, Just download the BPme app and you can pay for fuel from your car at any BP service station.



Who do I contact if I have a query about parking?

If you have a query regarding a Parking Charge Notice (PCN) please email:

Why do I have to pay to park if I stay longer than 2 hours?

All motorway service operators offer free parking for 2 hours, but charge for parking after this period. This position has been the same for the last 40 years on the motorway.

The reason for charging after two hours is that our main purpose is to provide rest and relaxation for long distance travellers. Because we are in convenient locations, many people like to park in our locations and then share cars for the rest of the day and if we do not make a charge after the 2 hour free period we simply wouldn’t have enough spaces for our permitted use.

The 2 hour parking policy in place at Moto is accompanied by many clear signs, which we have endeavoured to make as visible and helpful as possible, at entrances and exits as well throughout each of the parking areas.

The parking controls in operation at some of our sites consist of digital camera automatic number plate recognition systems, also known as ANPR. At other sites we may have a patrolman.

It is not our intention to charge drivers who marginally exceed the parking restrictions. However, it is important that Moto is able to offer enough spaces to regular travellers and we cannot do this if our car parks are full of long term parking vehicles. If you receive a parking charge notice that you believe is unfair or unreasonable we have an appeal process and you should write to:

Appeals Section
PO Box 3573

What restrictions are there for HGVs?

Moto are obliged by our operating agreement with the Highways Agency to provide a certain number of spaces for HGV’s a certain number for coaches and a certain number for cars.

We have clearly marked dedicated parking areas which fulfil this agreement.

Parking outside of a designated space can obstruct the movement of other vehicles and also incorrect parking causes a potential danger to either other vehicles or pedestrians walking to/from the service buildings.

How can I pay for my parking?

Anyone who is staying for longer than 2 hours can pay in the main building in WHSmiths using either cash or bank cards, alternatively car drivers can pay by Mobile Phone or online prior to leaving the location via the instructions below. Regrettably this option is not available for HGV parking. HGV, caravan and motorhome parking needs to be purchased in the main building at WHSmiths.

paybyphone info

To pay for parking online, you will need the 4 digit location number that you will find on the parking signs in the car park. Alternatively you can find your location number via the following link: Location Numbers

Am I able to obtain a receipt if I am paying to park by telephone?

It’s really simple to get a receipt – request it while you are on the phone paying for your parking or if you forget then – go to:

Log in using mobile no. and last 4 digits of credit card as pin no. and get your receipt.

Is it possible to pay in advance for parking?

Regrettably, it is not possible to pre-pay at present though we are looking into the feasibility and demand for this.

What happens if I forget to pay for my parking?

As long as payment is received sometime during the day of your stay you will not receive a Parking Charge Notice (PCN).

Am I able to pay for a period in excess of 1 day?

This is possible – please advise cashier on how many days parking you require.

In the event that I breakdown on site, who should I Inform?

Please ask for the Duty Manager by approaching the cashier in either the WHSmith or EDC who will be able to assist you.

What is the Policy for Blue Badge Holders?

There are no special concessions for Blue Badge holders, as a Blue Badge only relates to Council  and Local Authority parking areas, not private land. If you are a Blue Badge holder and have received a Parking Charge Notice, we will of course consider any appeals put in writing, though would ask you also send a copy of your Blue Badge and any other information you feel may support your appeal, e.g. a receipt to prove expenditure at the location etc.

Am I able to open an account for parking on the Moto network?

Yes, subject to volumes and credit checks. For further details please contact:

Can I sleep in my vehicle at a Moto location?

Sleeping in a vehicle is allowed. Please be aware we are not responsible for the vehicles parked on Moto sites or the belongings in the vehicles.

Where can I park a caravan / motorhome?

Most Moto sites have designated caravan / motorhome areas, but the number of spaces is limited. Please don’t worry if you turn up and these designated spaces are occupied, caravans / motorhomes can use the HGV parking area. To remain safe please follow the relevant signage.

Can I pay an hourly rate for parking?

The first 2 hours are free of charge. After 2 hours we have a set price which allows you to park for up to 24 hours. Parking tariffs can be found on the Moto website The time starts upon arriving on site and parking must be settled prior to leaving the location.

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If you have any queries regarding parking charges, please refer to our FAQS section.


Moto in the Community Trust

If you would like further information about the Moto in the Community Trust,
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Moto in the Community Trust
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