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West Cornwall Pasty Co

First created to fuel, nourish and satisfy hungry Cornish coal miners, the humble pasty has a rich history of making people smile.

None more so than the delicious handmade pasties from West Cornwall Pasty Co. And don’t just take our word for it, trust the millions of people who eat one of the 2.75million pasties they serve each year.

(That’s equivalent to filling Wembley, and giving everyone a pasty, over 30 times!) Pasties, breakfast, lunch and coffee, all with added Cornish spirit, from West Cornwall Pasty Co., available at selected Moto sites nationwide.

West Cornwall Pasty Co.’s menu is flavour sensation after flavour sensation - and it all starts at breakfast time. Start your day with a St Just coffee; it’s organic, fairtrade and it tastes great. Pair it with a breakfast roll and some hash browns, and you’ve got morning fuel and then some. When it’s time for lunch, it’s time for a pasty.

From traditional Cornish to steak and stilton, or even the vegan-friendly Thai Green Vegetable Curry flavour, there will definitely be something to tempt your tastebuds. Feeling really hungry? Don’t worry, The Beast, aka a ½ kilo Cornish pasty jam packed with traditional filling will put a stop to that. And by the way, they even have gluten free variations, so no one needs to miss out on the Cornish pasty goodness.

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West Cornwall Pasty Co and Moto

There are lots of reasons we love working with West Cornwall Pasty Co., and it’s not just because their food tastes really (really) great. We admire the thought that goes into their food; they’re really passionate about pasties, and it shows. Despite being the UK’s leading pasty operation, they retain their Cornish heart and to this day they still hand make all of their pasties in their bakery in Cornwall. A majority of their suppliers are Cornish, too. Their ingredients are fresh and sustainably sourced, and all of their eggs are free range.  

Oh, and did we mention they’ve won The World Pasty Championships, twice?

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Allergen information

At Moto we attempt to provide as-complete-as-possible allergen information about most of the food and drink served at our sites.