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Fuel Price Trial 

Worried about the price of fuel? Us too. That’s why we’re continuing to trial new fuel pricing models at selected sites. 

Check back here for the latest sites and today’s prices! 


Did you know you can use the BPme app when you fill up at Moto sites, meaning you can pay for your fill via your smartphone, and earn BPme rewards at the same time. 

BPme is the fastest, most convenient way to pay for your fuel, making it quicker and easier than ever before to fill up at Moto, meaning you can get fuel throttle ahead, in even less time!

Download the BPme app, here. 


Smile! Keyfuels is now available at all 45 Moto locations across the country! 


We’re wheely excited to let you know that UKFuels is now accepted at all Moto forecourts. 

Fuels available

We have a number of fuels available at Moto sites: 

  • Ultimate Unleaded
  • Ultimate Diesel
  • HGV AdBlue 
  • AdBlue Pumps 
  • AdBlue Containers