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Top 10 tips when you are the newbie!

Along with the New Year, many people are starting or looking for a new career or challenge. Here at Moto we have some great career opportunities but realise coming on board into a new role can be a bit daunting so we have put together the top 10 tips or pieces of advice we can give you if you are the newbie at your place of work.

1. Ask Questions

There is nothing wrong with asking questions and it is better you ask than to make assumptions. Nobody is expecting you to know everything if you have only just started, don’t worry about asking or just checking some info. There is no such thing as a silly question so ask away.

2. Observe & Watch others

Everyone loves a bit of people watching; however it can be really useful for you to understand the culture of the business and how people work on a day to day level. Take some time where possible to observe your new team, customers and managers. Where do people put things? What order are tasks done? You can learn a lot from taking the time to shadow your fellow team members.

3. Keep some information with you

Here at Moto our sites back of house can often be like a maze and any new office of building you are working in will often feel the same. Ask for a site map if possible that you can keep with you and get familiar with the location. Last thing you want is to get lost and end up in a cupboard! (That happened to me once!)

4. Don’t worry or get overwhelmed

I know this is often easier said than done but you really don’t need to worry. It can be nerve wracking walking into somewhere or being the “newbie” and we often get overwhelmed because we put so much pressure on ourselves to know it all straight away. Don’t worry – you are not going to be expected to be an expert on your first day.

5. Take notes

Where possible – write it down; whether it’s a process of something, a name of someone or even where to find the coffee machine. If you have the means to then make little notes you can refer to later, it will put your mind at ease knowing you can pop back to check the info if you don’t remember it later.

6. We all learn differently

Whilst some people can memorise a manual and know how to do something – others are more hands on. At Moto we try and adapt our training to support our new starters the best way for them. So ask your new employer if you can try to do a task to practise if you are more of a practical learner or request the policy or manual if you need to read it. Everyone learns differently so don’t be afraid to ask to be the supported in the way you learn best.

7. The Business chose YOU

If you are starting a new role then they chose you. You are what the business wants and they want you to succeed. Be confident in the fact you were selected to be there so try not to worry or doubt yourself.

 8. Be Honest

If you don’t know how to do something –then say. Try not to put yourself in a situation where you confirm you know how to do something and later it is asked of you. Be honest about your capabilities so you are shown exactly what to do; this way you will do it how it is expected and grow your knowledge & skills

9. “The expert in anything was once a beginner”

Everyone you work with now was new once! Even your manager, and their manager and their manager’s manager! Ask advice from your new colleagues, find out the quickest or best way to do tasks and take your time to learn the ropes, you will be an expert soon enough.


Smile! Be happy and enjoy your new challenge. Meeting some new people and becoming part of a new team. When working at Moto we really try and encourage a friendly and fun work environment so we can have happy employees who provide the best service for our customers! So smile and enjoy; you will be great!

Good luck

Jessica Jones – Recruitment Manager, Moto Hospitality

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