Everyday Fuel

We are making our fuel prices much more competitive.



Why are you only doing a trial not rolling it out everywhere?

We expect that this will be popular with customers and change their view of fuel prices on the motorway network, but we want to ensure we have proper research before considering a wider roll-out. The sites we have chosen are in different parts of the country, they’re very popular sites and the trial will deliver significant value to thousands of customers as a result.

How much are you bringing the fuel prices down by?

Initially, we are lowering prices by 8p a litre for the trial, reducing the cost of the average tank of fuel by around £4. That means we will be a few pence cheaper than the average local petrol station and just 5p above the average supermarket price.

Does it apply to all vehicles, including lorries, vans and cars?

The trial fuel price drop will be on the private forecourts at Frankley (N and S) on the M5 and Lancaster (N and S), and will be available to cars and vans only.

Doesn’t it mean you admit that your fuel prices are too high?

We recognise fuel prices are higher than customers would like. We are listening to them and want to help them. If we can sell more volume, we can support reduced prices. The fuel price includes several elements, including oil price and taxation. Fuel prices at MSAs reflect several factors:

  • We do not sell the volumes that supermarkets do and therefore do not get the same discounts they do.
  • Unlike supermarkets and local petrol stations, MSAs have to deliver a number of services 24/7. These include toilets, showers, hot and cold food and beverages, parking and the convenience of not having to leave a motorway to get fuel. The need to meet the costs of these means there will always be a difference in pricing.

Our trial will hopefully reduce these differentials and deliver value.

Why are you doing this now?

Our customer research shows that drivers believe fuel prices at motorway service areas are much higher than locally or at supermarkets.

Customer satisfaction is core to Moto, so we are trialling more competitive pricing to offer value to people at a time when finances are under pressure due to the impact of COVID-19 and will continue to be so.

How long are you keeping them lower for?

The fuel price drop will initially be a three-month trial.

What if the oil price goes up? Will you still keep your prices lower?

The fuel price includes several elements, including oil price and taxation. Even if any of these should rise, we are committed to remaining competitive against supermarkets and local petrol stations.

Will you be cutting the prices for charging electric vehicles?

No. Electric vehicle charging is not included in the fuel price drop trial.

Your sites are branded BP. Is BP joining you in this?

We operate BP forecourts as a franchisee so this is our pricing decision not BPs.

Some of your sites seem to offer even cheaper pricing. Why is that?

Some of our forecourts are operated by third parties who set their own prices. We are lowering prices at our sites.