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Assistance dogs

Assistance dogs

We have attached some Q&As regarding our four legged friends and guidance on assistance dogs. These Q&As and any other queries can also be found in our Help Centre

Is my assistance dog allowed on site?
All assistance dogs are allowed on sites and in restaurants, shops and facilities, having full access to the building. Guide dogs are included as a type of assistance dog. Assistance dogs are trained to assist someone with a specific disability or medical condition, and they are legally allowed into public spaces with their owners. Moto is inclusive and we encourage owners to use our sites and feel safe and secure doing so.

If I travel alone and I’m travelling with my assistance dog, can I bring him/her inside with me so that I can use the facilities?
Yes, we welcome and encourage anyone who needs to bring their assistance dog(s) inside with them in order to use the toilet facilities or catering units.

Can my assistance dog come with me whilst I sit and have something to eat?
Yes, your furry friend will be allowed inside whilst you are using our facilities. This also includes our access to our catering and restaurant areas where you can site and have something to eat.

What facilities do you have for dogs?
We are lucky to have some stunning outdoor spaces at our locations, some with short walking routes perfect for letting your furry friends stretch their legs mid-journey, and all with space for your dog to relive themselves and have a quick drink of water.

Code of Conduct

Dog owners will be able to access main thoroughfares and toilets. Only assistance dogs are allowed access to our catering outlets and food halls.

Dogs must be well-behaved and be on a lead. Owners must be always in full control of their dogs and are fully responsible for their dog’s behaviour.

If a dog is disruptive or aggressive in any way, Moto reserves the right to ask its owner and their dog to leave the premises.