Barton Park

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Mon - Thur
7am - 9pm

7am - 8pm

Visiting us soon?

In response to COVID-19, we’ve adapted our sites for your comfort, safety and convenience, introducing contactless payment, social distancing and rigorous cleaning regimes. If you’re visiting Barton Park services soon then please note the following:

Test and Trace

If you wish to use the seating area then you will need to log your visit.

Order & Collect

Unfortunately our Order & Collect service is not currently available at Barton Park.

Face masks

In line with government guidance, you’ll need to wear a face mask when entering the main building and forecourt.

Please see our COVID-19 page for further information about the steps we’re talking to keep everyone safe.

Site Details


A1 Junction 56


Barton, North Yorkshire DL10 6NA

Site Manager

Keith Coppen


Main (Landline):
01325 377718

Mobile (24hr Customer Service Manager):


Gents toilets
Ladies toilets


There is no Moto operated parking available at this location.

HGV with food voucher: £15.00
(food voucher value: £3.50)
HGV without food voucher: £13.50
Caravans / Motorhomes: £13.50


Today's fuel prices
Unleaded 145.9
Diesel 148.9
Ultimate Unleaded
Ultimate Diesel
Keyfuels available on all pumps
HGV AdBlue
AdBlue Pumps
Adblue Containers
Gas Oil
Costa Express

The information on this site has been provided in good faith but is for general informational purposes only. You should not rely on this information for any specific purpose and no representation or warranty is given regarding its accuracy or completeness.

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